EMSA City Finals

Feb 22 to Feb 23, 2020

Bill Gilhespy Soccer Complex Rules

- Dogs are not permitted at the Bill Gilhespy Soccer Complex

- Parking is at a premium, car-pooling is recommended. There is no parking available at the neighboring ball diamonds.

- No sunflower or pumpkin seeds or peanuts still in shells permitted on the premises

- Only hard moulded cleats can be used on the artificial turf; no screw in cleats

- Warm-ups are not permitted on the grass fields prior to turf rentals. Teams will be held responsible for any damages caused to grass fields.

- Early access to turf field for warmups and setting up will not be granted.

- Designated warm up areas will be available, and teams can warm up in the rough grass areas near between the marked fields.

- Turf rentals will only be cancelled due to weather in the event of extreme amounts of rain, or in the event of snow on the turf as there is no method of removing snow.

- For insurance purposes, barbeques and hibachis are not permitted in any part of the facilities, including parking lots. Users are recommended to use the concession areas when available, or to make alternate food arrangements.

- Alcohol is permitted in licensed lounge and patio area only, and outside alcohol may not be brought onto the premises. Per item 15 of Edmonton Soccer Association Rules and Regulations “No conveyance, no consumption, no possession of alcohol on facility property. Consumption of alcohol permitted in lounges only. Violation will result in a $250 FINE for first offence. A second offence will result in a FACILITIES BAN.”

- Field goals are stationary. Teams may be fined for attempts to move or relocate goals.

- Teams are responsible for leaving benches clean and tidy. Fines may be levied to teams leaving benches in dis-array.

- No smoking on or by fields. Only in designated areas. Team Fines will be issued.

- Drones, UAVs, and RC planes and helicopters are not permitted at the Bill Gilhespy Soccer Complex.

- Cleats cannot be worn inside the clubhouse, with the exception of marked carpeted areas.

- Portable chairs/benches/spectator seating must be a minimum distance of 3m away from the marked edge of the field.