EMSA City Finals

Feb 22 to Feb 23, 2020

Rules and Regulations


Coach Information

1. All communication (phone calls and emails) between teams and tournament staff is to be done through the team officials; coach, assistant coach or manager that are listed on the official team roster.

2. When communicating through emails, always state your team name, gender and age group, this will save time for tournament staff when replying.

3. Coaches and managers are responsible to communicate important tournament information to their team’s players and parents; we ask that players and parents do not contact the tournament staff directly.

4. Coaches and managers are responsible to know, understand and follow all tournament rules, especially the rules for guest players/trialists. Any team found to have played an ineligible player(s) will default the game.

5. Team officials are responsible for the behavior of their players, parents and spectators at all times during the tournament. Any team showing unsportsmanlike behavior will be disciplined and unruly spectators may be asked to leave the facility. Any verbal abuse to referees, staff and volunteers by any team may result in immediate expulsion from the tournament.

6. Scores and team stats will be posted on the official City Finals Website.

7. If needed, teams may use one bench parent to assist the team on the bench, bench parents do not need to be listed on the official team roster but need to provide a driver’s license or a valid piece of government I.D. and written on the game sheet. They do not require an EMSA I.D Card. All teams must have at least 1 team official or bench parent of the same gender as the players.

8. In the event that both teams are wearing like colors, the home team will be required to change jerseys or wear pinnies as determined by the referee

9. All U9 and U11 games will comply with the Mercy Rule as they do in regular season play. Tie-Breaking procedures will use stats AFTER the mercy rule is applied. For example if a team wins 6-0, they will only receive credit for 5-0 regardless of actual score.

10. Schedules for the tournament will be available on the website. Once the schedules are posted, they are final and changes can only be made if there is an error. A skeleton schedule (Example U9 T4 team 1,2,3,4 etc.) will be posted before the end of the round, and teams will have an idea when they will play over the weekend.

11. The head coach will be sent an e-mail link with instructions on how to enter your team’s roster and print game sheets. Teams will only need 1 game sheet per game and you will give the game sheet to the referee at the start of each game. When the game is complete we will have tournament volunteers collect the game sheets from the referee. Results will be posted immediately on the website once they have been confirmed by tournament staff.

12. Each location at City Finals will have a designated tournament headquarters during the tournament. Tournament staff can take statements made in writing, but do not have the ability/authority to resolve the concerns or questions. Please be respectful of our tournament staff and volunteers by ensuring your players/parents/spectators address their concerns/questions through the team officials.

13. All teams are expected to attend their scheduled games with a minimum of players (U9-U11 five players, U13-U19 four players) and are expected to compete in every game until completion. Any team failing to do so will be assessed an administration fee of $100 per game.

Team Rosters

After the third round results are confirmed, only the head coaches will be sent an e-mail with instructions on how to enter their team rosters into the tournament website. ROSTERS MUST BE ENTERED IN BY February 14, 2020.

Game Sheets

Once the head coach has entered in the team’s roster information; game sheets for each game can be printed by clicking on the PDF icon on the website schedule next to each individual game. The game sheets will already have the game information and team names filled in. Please do not print the game sheets until ALL team names have been added to the schedule. If you are having issues with your game sheets auto filing please arrive to your games headquarters for assistance. Completed game sheets are to be turned into the game officials prior to kick off. Game sheets will be turned into headquarters by a tournament field marshal.

Ensure all players (including all guest players, labeled as “guest”) are listed on the game sheet. Any player not listed on the game sheet prior to kick off will not be eligible to play.

If there are players not playing in that particular game, but are listed on the game sheet, you are required to cross off their names. The players listed are to be the actual players that participated in that game.

Player Eligibility & Guest Players/Trialists

Players officially registered with your team are permitted to participate. Suspended players and team officials are not permitted on or about the field of play nor can they attend other functions representing their team during the championships.

You can only use guest players/trialists to replace players that are missing. You cannot use guest players/trialists to increase your current registered roster size of players. Except club teams may use trialists to increase their game roster size up to the maximum roster size set out in Section 4.4 (Team Rosters). These players must be written on the game sheet beside the line marked “Trialist. Each team is permitted to utilize guest players (max of 4) during the competition. These players must be registered on an EMSA team for the current indoor season. Teams competing in city championships in their age group are allowed to use trialists from the same/lower age group or lower/same tier, in order to replace missing players from the team’s current registered roster. The players must be from your same Zone (example: West Zone to West Zone is permitted. You cannot have a player from the North Zone playing on a West Zone team). The guest player/trialists cannot be from a team that is also playing in City Finals. Tier 1, 2, & 3 (Premier/Club A/B) players are eligible as trialists on Premier/Club teams ONLY. Please remember that community groups W, X, Y, Z are considered equal. The trialist forms must accompany your game sheets when handed into the referee at the start of your game. If you are using that trialist more than once during the tournament you will need to make copies of your forms to hand in with each set of game sheets. Please note that if you are using an ineligible trialist/guest player your team will default the match. Trialists do not require player cards (just the trialist form). If you have any questions about the eligibility of a guest player/trialist, please contact the EMSA office ahead of City Finals to verify if that player will be legal or visit the Headquarters location prior to your game.

Tournament Locations

1. Edmonton Soccer Centre East 12720 Victoria Trail

2. Edmonton Soccer Centre West 17415- 106 A Ave

3. Edmonton Soccer Centre South 6520 Roper Rd.

Player Cards

Player cards are mandatory for Community teams U13- U19 age levels and U9/U11 Premier/Club teams. A player without a player card at game time is permitted to play, HOWEVER, the player’s card must be presented prior to the end of the game or the team will default the game 5-0. Trialists do not need player cards, just their permission letter.

Coach/Assistant Coach/Manager Cards

Coach/Manager cards are required for ALL teams participating in City Finals. A coach/manager without his/her EMSA I.D. card prior to the game start will not be permitted on the bench. A maximum of four non playing personnel may be on the bench. Of those four non-playing personnel, one must include a member of the same gender as the team. If this person is not a registered team official then they must be marked on the game sheet as the “bench parent” and provide a driver’s license or other picture I.D. to the referees. The bench parent does not require an EMSA I.D. card.

Referee Liaison

It is mandatory that all teams have a ref liaison present for all games. They must sit with the spectators and wear the appropriate yellow lanyard. Teams will have a 5 minute grace period to provide a ref liaison if one is not already appointed at game start. After 5 minutes has elapsed and a ref liaison is still not present then the team will forfeit the match.

Length of Games & Time Outs

All games shall consist of two twenty-five minute halves. Warm-up time is usually two to three minutes on the field prior to kick off (determined by the game officials – time permitting). There are NO time outs permitted.


All teams will receive 0 points for a loss, 1 point for a tie and 3 points for a win. All round robin games can end in a tie. Mercy rule is only in effect for U9 & U11 age groups. A forfeit or a default score will be entered as a 5-0.

Format of Games

Four Team Round Robin: Each team play’s three matches (playing each team in the group). Medals are determined from standings after all games have been played. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top three teams in the group. All round robin games can end in a tie, if teams are tied in points after the round robin please see the tie-breaking rules to determine placement. If final games need a result, if the games are tied after regulation time then they go straight to penalty kicks to determine a winner.

Four Team Knock Out/Crossover: Every team play’s one preliminary round match. Winner of game one vs winner of game two in gold/silver match. Loser of game one vs loser of game two in bronze medal match. All games cannot end in tie. A result is required for each game.

Three Team Round Robin: Medals are determined from the standings after all matches have been played. All round robin games can end in a tie, if teams are tied in points after the round robin please see the tie-breaking rules to determine placement. If final games need a result, if the games are tied after regulation time then they go straight to penalty kicks to determine a winner.


The home team is required to provide two game balls. The home team will be responsible for changing their jersey should the two teams’ jersey colours conflict. Indoor soccer shoes or runners are the only footwear permissible to be worn by players. It is at the discretion of the game official what will constitute dangerous equipment which must be removed in order for play to be allowed. Under no circumstance will splints and/or casts be permitted to be worn on the field during game play. Players, who wear braces (knee, ankle, wrist etc.), will be permitted to wear these during game play provided that the brace does not have the potential to injure others. The decision to allow specific braces is left to the game official. Players refusing to remove any type of jewelry at the request of the referee, including all external body piercings, will not be permitted to play. Taping is not permitted.


U9 Yellow and Red Cards: No cards issued or recorded. Referees can ask for player to be substituted for a small amount of time. Player can return to play after. Team does not play short and player does not sit in referee box. No further suspensions are issued. If a serious boarding offence occurs, the player is not to play for the remainder of the game.

U11 Yellow and Red Cards: Cards are issued. Player sits in box for allotted time but then returns to their bench. If a player is yellow carded they can return to play. If a player is red carded that player cannot play for the rest of the game and must serve the 5 minutes in the penalty box. Once the penalty time is up they return to their bench for the remainder of the game. The team does not play shorthanded. No further suspensions are issued.

If a goalie incurs a time penalty (blue card or yellow) no one serves the penalty. However, if the goalie receives 2 yellows (Red) the goalie, like all players, must be substituted and cannot play the remainder of the game. After a time penalty the player in the box must wait until a stoppage of play to return to their team’s bench.

U13 - U19 teams: Any player receiving a red or two yellow cards in a single game will be suspended for the remainder of the game and will serve an automatic 1 game suspension to be served at the next game.

  • Players who also receive a yellow card in consecutive games will be suspended for one game.
  • It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that their players serve their discipline during the tournament.
  • Red cards are an automatic minimum one (1) game suspension. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure their player sits out the next game should they receive a red card. If it is deemed that the red card offence was more serious in nature, teams will be contacted of any further suspension or discipline action. All suspensions will adhere to EMSA Official Rules and Regulations.
  • Players serving red card game suspension must immediately leave the area of play and are not permitted on the team bench during the game they are serving the suspension.
  • Any coach serving a suspension from their associating league will not be allowed on the bench as a team official for the tournament.

U9 and U11 Indoor Retreat Line

Retreat Line At the Edmonton Centers the retreat line is marked on 1/3 of the field.

The Retreat Line will come into effect in two situations during the game:

  • A Goal Kick
  • A Free Kick to the defending team within its own goal area
  • Goalie has ball in the hands

At these three restarts, the opposing team is required to move beyond the Retreat Line. The player taking the kick can then pass the ball to one of their team-mates without the pressure of an opposing player nearby. When the ball has left the goal area, the play will resume as normal and the “opposing” team can move inside the Retreat Line.

If a member of the opposing team comes inside the Retreat Line before the ball has left the goal area and interferes with play, the Referee will stop play and the restart will be retaken.

Players can choose to play the ball long if they wish, but not in the air over the three lines.

Goalie will have 5 seconds after the players have retreated passed the 1/3 line to release the ball. If the goalie does not release the ball after the referee has counted to 5 the ball will be taken by the other team with an indirect kick at the top of the penalty Arc.

Restarts for U9s

  • All restarts are now indirect (a goal cannot be scored directly from that restart).

Boarding (U9s)

  • Any player committing a boarding offence can take no further part in the match.

Penalty Kicks (U9s)

  • No penalty kicks will be awarded during regulation game time. A restart would be a free kick at the top of the penalty arc. However penalty kicks will be used in the event that your game requires a result.

Protests of Game Results/Appeals of Suspensions

Protests/Appeals of game results/suspensions will be reviewed provided they have been given to the tournament headquarters in writing with cash or cheque payable to the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association in the amount of $100.00 within one hour of the conclusion of the match. Protests/Appeals in regards to the laws of the game and decisions by the game officials will not be accepted.Awards Presentations

Gold, silver and bronze medals shall be awarded in each of the categories. Awards will be presented following the final game on the schedule for your grouping. Medal presentations will take place in the lobby of the soccer centre where the last game on the schedule is located. Please remember that your team is not the only team receiving medals and we must confirm all qualifying teams’ results prior to presentations. Your patience is appreciated.

Tie Breaking Procedures

The referees have been informed which games cannot end in a tie. All round robin games are ok to end in a tie. Four team knockout/crossover games cannot end in a tie, they require a result.

In Round Robin play – if there are TWO teams with the same amount of points:

Step # 1: Head to Head Game

Step # 2: Total Goal Differential (of all games played)

Step # 3: Least Goals Scored Against

Step # 4: Penalty Kicks (as scheduled by the Tournament Director)

In Round Robin play – if there are THREE or MORE teams with the same amount of points:

Step # 1: Total Goal Differential (of all games played)

Step # 2: Least Goals Scored Against

Step # 3: Penalty Kicks (as scheduled by the Tournament Director)

Penalty Kick Procedure

1. Each team is required to pick any group of five (5) dressed players and one goalie (who may be one of the five shooting players). The referee is informed which players are taking the penalty kicks.

2. The referee will even out the benches.

3. A flip of the coin will determine which team goes first.

4. The ball will be placed on the penalty mark, and the goalkeeper will be on the goal line between the posts. All other players must remain outside of the penalty area and behind the ball. The game official will whistle to indicate when the player may take the penalty kick.

5. The ball must be kicked forward to be in play. Until the ball is kicked, the goalkeeper can only move sideways and not forward.

6. The initial group of five pairs will decide the match if, after the fifth pair, one team has scored more goals than the other.

7. No player from the same team may take a second penalty kick until all players on the team (including the goalkeeper) have taken a kick. Should the teams be tied after the initial round of five kicks each, teams will move to a sudden death round whereby the teams alternate single kicks until a winner is decided.

8. The referee will order a penalty kick retaken if:

a. a defender commits a foul and a goal is not scored

b. an attacker commits a foul and a goal was scored

c. if someone from each team commits a foul

9. If in the referees’ opinion, if there is an injury preventing a player from participating, then that player may be substituted.

10. A goal can be scored directly from a penalty kick.

11. Please have your players picked out ahead of time as there will be no available time to do so at the end of the game. The referees will start the penalty kicks immediately.

A Reminder

This tournament is for the enjoyment of all teams. Spectators should be reminded that they are there to support and encourage their team. Respect should be shown for all players, coaches, and game officials. The tournament organizers have the right to remove any and all persons that are not showing sportsmanship either on the pitch or in the stands/building. COACHES, PLEASE ENSURE YOU CONTROL YOUR TEAMS, YOUR SPECTATORS, ETC…..if issues do arise; the tournament committee has the right to issue disqualifications for those teams involved.

These rules are intended to be as inclusive as possible; however, in the event of unforeseen circumstances the EMSA Executive Committee and/or EMSA Discipline Director reserve the right to make binding decisions upon all participants.