EMSA City Finals

Feb 22 to Feb 23, 2020

Trialist/Guest Player Form

Player Eligibility & Guest Players/Trialists

Players officially registered with your team are permitted to participate. Suspended players and team officials are not permitted on or about the field of play nor can they attend other functions representing their team during the championships.

You can only use guest players/trialists to replace players that are missing. You cannot use guest players/trialists to increase your current registered roster size of players.Except that club teams may use trialists to increase their game roster size up to the maximum roster size set out in Section 4.4 (Team Rosters).

You cannot use players who are already playing on another team in City Finals.

Each team is permitted to utilize guest players (max of 4) during the competition. These players must be written on the game sheet beside the line marked “Trialist”. These players must be registered on an EMSA team for the current indoor season. These players must be registered on an EMSA team for the current outdoor season. Teams competing in city championships in their age group are allowed to use trialists from the same/lower age group or lower/same tier, in order to replace missing players from the team’s current registered roster.. The players must be from your same Zone (example: West Zone to West Zone is permitted. You cannot have a player from the North Zone playing on a West Zone team). The guest player/trialists cannot be from a team that is also playing in City Finals. Tier 1, 2, & 3 (Premier A/B) players are eligible as trialists on Premier teams ONLY. Please remember that groups W, X, Y, Z are considered equal.

If you are using that trialist more than once during the tournament you will need to make copies of your forms to hand in with each set of game sheets. Please note that if you are using an ineligible trialist/guest player your team will default the match. Trialists do not require player cards (just the permission letter). If you have any questions about the eligibility of a guest player/trialist, please contact the EMSA office ahead of City Finals to verify if that player will be legal or visit the Headquarters location prior to your game.

Guest players do not require EMSA I.D. cards. No EIYSA player shall play on an EMSA team for City Finals. This applies to both Community and Premier/Club Team.

Please- for trialist/guest player form.